Node.js vs Golang: Which is best for Web Development in 2023?

At present, there are many options available when choosing the right tech stack for backend development. And with such diversity, it can be devastating to make decisions without knowing the facts about such practices.

In most web applications, there is usually more non-UI code than code directly related to end-user interactions.

Backend development refers to a system where the data is stored and retrieved, logic is maintained, and the output is calculated. Simply put, it involves writing codes to create APIs and libraries and working with components that do not have user interfaces.

Tech mavericks are always confused between what to choose, Node.js vs Golang, and which is the best Company for Web development in 2023.

Therefore, to help you make the right choice, in this blog post, we will focus on two suitable backend technologies; Node.js and Golang.

Node.js vs Golang


In the battle of Scalability, Golang skips Node.js and simultaneously wins the race. Here, Node.js loses the parallel race because it cannot perform multiple processes at once.

In providing multiple threads to perform various tasks at the same time, Golang plays an important role. It can be used for company-level applications that are large and have many functions to execute in parallel.

Error Handling Efficiency

Node.js is one step ahead in bug management and providing an effective solution to all bugs. Node.js 10 attributes are much better at performance.

It uses throw-catch error detection technology, which fixes errors promptly and restricts developers to take action until errors are resolved.

On the other hand, Golang developers face difficulties detecting errors because this new programming language has a transparent or explicit error detection system.

The two types of errors are handled separately; Run time and compile time. This wastes a lot of programmer time and cannot be used to fix the Golang error.


Golang is an open-source, new, and innovative solution mechanically and mathematically. It is built on top of other programming languages, especially Node.js, which comes from JS, and the working environment used to develop web servers.

Node.js is slower than Golang in performing CPU-bound functions. The reason Node.js does not match Golang speed is Javascript. It degrades response time together with page load time.

Golang is lightweight, excellent, and quick to respond to its users. Moreover, it is undeniable that both languages ​​can deliver the same functionality when there is a network connection.


The application is indirectly related to the performance of the application. If you are looking for a programming language that does not crash your application and executes a heavy load without hanging devices, Golang is precisely what you need.

This allows professional experts to influence multiple principles without burdening RAM. Golang uses go-to routines that can run numerous programs at once. In addition, channels are responsible for abrupt and easy interactions between go-routines.

Learning on the Go

If you are new to the app development industry and want to start your own business but are confused about which programming language to enter between Node.js vs Golang, here is the answer to your question.

Node.js, based on JavaScript, has many online and offline resources that will help any newbie deal with the nature of working hours. With Node.js, one can also create a CLI App.

Unlike Node.js, Golang is a new and innovative programming language with few resources. Developers are expected to learn and understand its concepts, processes and typing.


JavaScript in Golang‌ is an open-source programming language with a broad community around the world. Being open-source, many developers have devised effective solutions to a problem that arises worldwide.

Node.js has been leveraged in large companies as its active members, including Joint, Microsoft, Bitnami, PayPal, Groupon, NPM, SAP, etc.

Every year the community organizes the NodJS program, where developers worldwide come under one roof. Sharing ideas, updates, corrections, and announcements is the agenda of such an event.

Tools Packages

Device availability is one of the many things in which Node.js clean sweeps Golang and wins the battle. It features micro-service architecture that divides an application into a standard set so that you can build it classically or add new components to it.

Additionally, it includes Node.Js Package Manager (NPM) with over 800 devices (building blocks) that can be used for various purposes.

These tools can be used when developing fragmented components using a micro-service architecture. In addition, Node.js has a broad community that is eager to learn and provide active and practical solutions. So people are using Node.js in web application projects.


Both Node.js and Golang are continuously growing in 2023.

Yes, all of this explicitly concludes that there is no perfect language for app development, and it depends on the type of application you want to build.

Although both solutions have different characteristics, they are somewhat similar. Do in-depth research and decide which language would help you achieve your business and long-term goals.



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