What Does A Perfect Gojek Clone Script Look Like?

When entrepreneurs think about building a ‘similar’ app to an existing one, the first thing that pops up is the word ‘clone’. A clone is an exact replica be it anything, a mobile app, a human, or anything that you can think about. So, while we are discussing clone app scripts, let’s take a look at the world’s most popular and marvelous Gojek clone script!


Let me walk you through the numerous components of the app script that one can get their hands on by purchasing a Gojek clone.

One App For Everyone

There should be one app for everyone - the customers, the provider, and the store manager. The entire clone app package that the entrepreneur purchases comprise at least three different apps! 

  • For the customer: this app is customized keeping in mind the audience that will be availing your services. Android, iOS, and even Huawei apps are made available with tons of features such as - live tracking, over-the-internet calling, online payment, etc. 
  • For the service providers: The Android and iOS versions of the app for providers also integrate key features. A handful of these features are - back-to-back trip acceptance, video calling the customer, reward programs, etc. 
  • For stores: Gojek clone script for the stores also has two mobile phone apps - Android and iOS. Some features that are available in the store apps are - day-wise time slots, uploading multiple photos/videos, multiple store deliveries, and so on. 

A website 

The official website is the face of your on-demand multi-service app business. This website can then be logged in by the user to book a service or to order stuff online. 

For instance, a user wants to book a Thai Massage. Now, as soon as the user logs into the website, they can select ‘Spa Therapist’ from the categories and ‘Thai Massage’ as the subcategory. 

The results that appear on the screen show up all the massage therapists online and are available for service near the user’s location. Now, just like the user books a service on the app, they can book one through the website. The user can also choose their preferred payment method - cash, credit card, or directly via the wallet. 

Kiosk apps 

Gojek clone script that the entrepreneur purchases also includes white-labeled kiosk apps. These kiosk apps serve a great purpose when used at the guest registration desk, at a point-of-sale system, at a library, hotel, airport, or even metro station. 

These are full-screen single apps usually placed at the above-mentioned locations to help users book a taxi, order food, and so on. Kiosk apps come in handy when: 

  • The entrepreneur wants to improve productivity and efficiency. 
  • Enhance the customer experience with amazing services. 
  • For efficient asset management. 

Dispatcher panel

The dispatcher panel of your on-demand multi-service app is used to handle the database, provide analytics, streamline the delivery operations, etc. The dispatcher panel also helps with manual service booking. It can efficiently create new bookings and dispatch them as per the customer’s requirements, switch between the different modes, provide in-app support, receive service requests on calls, etc. 


The Gojek clone script comes with not just one component but multiple. So, if you not only want to earn easy and quick cash by launching an app but also make it one of the best multi-service apps, then get the script today. 

See that it at least has the above-mentioned components so that you can make more money, enhance the customer experience, and also manage the business better!


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