Top 10 Vaccine Management Solution provider Companies

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced unprecedented challenges to humankind. In history whenever a pandemic has hit the world, it has given rise to new healthcare challenges.

Vaccines are the saviour of these pandemics. While in the past, it took many years or even a decade to develop a vaccine and distribute it to the common people, it can be done easily today. Although, inventing a new vaccine is not a piece of cake, but the tough task of vaccine management can be made easier.

Vaccine management includes inventory management, supply chain management, storage management, and patient management. In layman’s language, it is the complete cycle from the development of a vaccine, its storage, and effective distribution.

A top vaccine management company proffers commendable software and applications for better management. Cloud-based companies and those working in AI and Machine Learning and IoT have leveraged the technical advancements and produced applications that take care of all vaccine management nuances.

Here are the vaccine management provider companies who have made their way to be among the top 10:

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is the parent of most vaccine management solution projects by the leading companies. Salesforce’s vaccine management platform enables health officials to effectively administer, distribute, and notify health care providers and vaccine recipients. Most importantly, Salesforce is the epitome of secure projects. It has strong security levels which are almost impossible to breakthrough.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft like always has proved to be one of the most proactive companies with its vaccine management solution. Microsoft has taken a constructive step towards the phased distribution of COVID-19 vaccination. One of the most laudable approaches of Microsoft is towards the tracking of the vaccination process. With the vaccine management solution of Microsoft, it is easier to keep a watch on the efficiency and usefulness of the vaccine.

3. Accenture

Accenture is not far behind Auxano Global Services and Microsoft among the top vaccine management providers. The well-ordered and organized implementation of the vaccine management project has assisted the government in better management of immunization programs. Like many other vaccine management providers, Accenture has leveraged the capabilities of Salesforce like a pro.

4. Simplus

Simplus, an  Infosys company has taken advantage of the Salesforce cloud to produce an impressive vaccine management system. Simplus has developed a vaccine management solution in compliance with the CDC guidelines. It has used the abilities of Salesforce marketing cloud and integrated the external data sources to provide a better insight into the immunization process.

5. Deloitte

Deloitte’s vaccine management solution also takes advantage of the Salesforce cloud platform. It is built on the company’s own GovConnect Salesforce platform and impressively implements the administration and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. Deloitte has taken care of all the user personas which will be included during the immunization program. It includes health care providers for scheduling and distribution programs; vaccine recipients who will take the appointments; and state and local officials who will be monitoring the effectiveness.

6. Mazik Global

Mazik Global has teamed up with MazikCare and Microsoft cloud to build an integrated platform for efficient distribution of vaccines. The vaccine management covers inventory management, organized deployment, EMR integration, vaccine provider enrolment, and dashboard management for public health communities. Mazik global also focuses on self-service patient services that help the beneficiaries to have self-sufficient service at their doorstep.

7. Cronj